It is a given, is not it? Your number one job will be to marketplace in the event you are running a business. Should you maintain your company a secret – what you do and do not let folks understand how you can help make their lives better, you will not be successful – because no one will understand that you are in company. How well you network, which is the “letting folks understand ways to help them” part, may well determine whether you succeed – or fail.

There are four primary kinds of organizations where networking chances for company owners exist. There are 1) business networking groups, 2) service-oriented groups (Rotary, Elks, Soroptimist, as an example), 3) our local Chambers of Commerce, and 4) company-special groups (realtors-only, coaches-only, etc.)

Which one is best for you? In all the groups, you’re joining with other business owners, getting to know them personally and professionally, building trust, and forging new relationships that could bring company to you. Yet, with business networking groups, the most important goal, the key focus, is to foster each member’s company. And is not that a fantastic goal?

Business networking groups are “exclusive,” meaning that just one member in every class of company can join. So each group will have just one printer, one residential real estate representative, one property manager, one web designer, etc.

For a lot of girls getting started in business, the business networking alternatives likely appear considerable. Online, offline, via phone, via e-mail, groups meeting groups meeting. Some are geared especially towards women business owners; others aren’t. Some groups are portion of a bigger network of national, regional and international organization, while other groups are grown. The networking events or assemblies are normally structured so that girls feel “welcome” and are made to optimize chances to match others. Seems great, right?

However, imagine if you have never had to network? Or in the event that you are an introvert? Like me!

Many people make networking seem effortless, but hereis a secret for the most gregarious among us, networking constantly needs groundwork. Introvert who prepare, practice, practice, and practice can become “Networking Queens.” (And do not forget to breathe!) In the event you are a newbie-to-networking, do not let these common myths about networking derail your attempts to become well known in your business.

Myth #1: Networking groups are just for new business owners.

Truth: Many networking groups who demonstrate continual increase have a majority of members that have been operating at least FIVE years.

Myth #2: The sole company proprietors who join networking groups are ones that are unsuccessful.

Truth: See myth #1.

Myth #3: Guys do not join networking groups.

Truth: In the little county I live in, guys began 1/3 of the business networking groups. One group is a girls-only group as well as the other groups are a mix of both women and men.

Myth #4: Only home business owners or solo business owners join networking groups.

Truth: Home-based business owners join groups faster because they are seeking community outside their residences. Nevertheless, lots of bricks ‘n’ mortar companies do exceptionally well, also and join networking groups.

Myth # 5 business owners join networking groups.

Truth: Professionals, representatives and typically executives working for businesses that are existing, join to boost their businesses’

services and products, also.

Myth #6: Multi-Level Marketing people aren’t welcome at networking groups.

Truth: If you’re an MLM-er and attend assemblies to sell your goods, you will get a warmer reception in the event that you are there to discuss your products – not to improve your downline.

Myth #7: Dues are not really low.

Truth: Membership dues differ from group to group – a few groups have others cost dues and no dues of $500 per year. Locate a group that matches your needs or begin your own!

Myth #8: You have to refer to those you meet at your assemblies

Truth: No one needs to refer individuals they do not understand so your aim at these assemblies is to get to know other members until you are comfortable sending them. Occasionally, you could have another associate/friend outside the group that you just send in addition, or of to, one of your networking partners.

Today, while you are generally not “required” to send a specific individual, remember that referring business to other members is part of the business networking procedure. (In several groups, not referring others is a huge “no no” and you may be requested to leave; ask about the rules before you join.)

Myth #9: You have to attend all assemblies.

Truth: Because you will be part of a team of company owners, the dedication of your time and abilities to a group is crucial. In certain groups, you – or a representative – must attend all assemblies. Most groups have a 75% required presence of its own members. A rare few groups have no presence rules.

Myth #10: I need to join immediately.

Truth: Each group has its own “flavor.” Many groups let you attend two meetings as a guest before you must choose to join or not. Pretty rule that is reasonable!

The bottom line is this: Folks like to work with people they trust and know. Relationships — business and private — take time to develop. Keep in mind that networking is not about immediate gratification – it is about long term partnerships. The chances are numerous – business networking groups are varied enough so that any girl can locate a minumum of one group that feels like “home.” Or two… or three…

Go grab a cup of coffee and go to with the listing of on-line and offline networking groups I Have compiled over time. It is time to get out as well as become a Networking Queen! You are able to too if I can do it!